She Drives Me Wild

She Drives Me Wild

1991, album « Dangerous »
Titre jamais édité en single
Auteur compositeur : Michael Jackson et Teddy Riley
Producteur : Teddy Riley et Michael Jackson
Enregistré et mixé par Bruce Swedien et Teddy Riley

Michael Jackson : Solo and background vocals
Rhythm arrangement : Teddy Riley
Synthesizer arrangement : Teddy Riley
Vocal arrangement : Michael Jackson
Keyboards and stnthesizers : Teddy Riley

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3. She Drives Me Wild 3:41
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Les Paroles :

She Drives Me Wild
Par : Michael Jackson et Teddy Riley

She got the look
She so fine
And you know damn well
The girl will be mine

She got the breaks
She the scene
And you know damn well
She gives it to me

Black jeans and
A turtleneck sweater
I know the girl
Is fakin’ ’cause
I’ve seen her look better

She composition
She statistical fact
She got it ready
For the willing
Got it sweaty in the back

Come to the place
Shock tacy
And you know damn well
You know what I mean
Talk hot in the fact
One and 3.
Lik a pleasure trip
Like you’ve never seen
Satin lace
And a paisley cut top
The girl is waisting over
And she knows
What she’s got

She got position
She got just what it takes
She got a mojo
In her pocket
She got it ready
Just in case