« It’s Not Worth It »

« It’s Not Worth It »
Album « Full Moon » de Brandy

5 Mars 2002

La chanson « It’s Not Worth It » produite par Rodney Jerkins contient un sample original de la voix de Michael Jackson enregistrée pendant l’enregistrement de l’album « INVINCIBLE« .

Les paroles :

Don’t tell me you want out of this
Don’t say it’s time for us to quit
Don’t say goodbye this can’t be it
Baby please,’cause its not worth it.

Verse 1;
You came into my life
And it’s so funny
How you made everything right
And now you’re saying to me
Something ain;t right
What did i do?
Did i hurt you?
Bbay can you tell me
How to dry your eyes
But let me say
I never meant to make you cry
If anything i meant to
Be right by your side
How did i go wrong?
When my love was strong
And all it ever wanted was you

If i can ease the pain
Whatever it takes to
That is what i’ll do
Why do you feel this way
Baby you don’t have you
‘Cause i am here for you.

Chorus = Intro x2

Verse II:
You mean the world to me
Ans all i do is try to give you all of me
I never do anything that wouldn’t be pleasing to you
I never knew that you were hurting
And i’ll take the blame for anything that i’ve done
That has caused you pain
I never meant to hurt you in any way
So this day, i wanna say
Bbay please forgive me



Don’t wanna see you this way
What must i do to make it all brand new
Let me take the pain away
Anything for you,’cause baby i love you